On: Percy Shelley


  • Percy Shelley is a Neo-Platoist
    • the true form, the perfect form exists somewhere else and what we see are imperfect manifestations of that
  • Journeys and Enlightenment
    • Alastor is about the journey to a sort of poetic enlightenment
      • there isn’t a conclusion of what that spiritual conclusion/enlightenment would be
    • “secret strength…”
      • taking  away the religious context of morality to explain endurance- a materialist view
      • inspires the individual in a way that isn’t elitist
        • not just inspires but empowers
Hymn to Intellectual Beauty
  • “the awful shadow of some unseen Power…”
    • going back to the secret strength of things
    • a divine spirit would be far greater than our perceptions of God
      • the earth and the universe are not constrained to this
      • but he also doesn’t want the dark grave to be the end
        • intellectual beauty and imagination to help conceptualize the deeper, the higher, the meaningful
  • Wordsworth= the egotistical poet
  • Shelley- a vatic poet, the power of the prophesy and the expunction of the ego
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