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Percy Shelley

Alastor Poetic dispositions can be alienating from others because you are separated by thought and contemplation so much occurring within the mind, that there is no time or need for company in others Neo-Platonist – ideal forms exist elsewhere what … Continue reading

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British Romanticism

“On the Discrimination of Romanticisms” by: Arthur O. Lovejoy Synopsis: The main point that Lovejoy is addressing is that Romanticism comprises of so many different authors, ideologies and theories that it is almost impossible to have a clear-cut definition of … Continue reading

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Summaries and Interpretations

Elizabeth Fay Elizabeth Fay’s informative introduction from her text, A Feminist Introduction to Romanticism, conveys her opinion of the works of British Romantic female writers. First, Fay cites that it is unusual to characterize novelists or female writers as consequential … Continue reading

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Bria Hood “Frost at Midnight”: Getting Back to Nature

Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Frost at Midnight” is a free verse conversation poem originally written in 1798. In the poem Coleridge uses strong descriptive imagery to emphasize his idea that his son needs to be raised in nature. Coleridge exhibits a … Continue reading

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Claudia Mitchell, “Beachy Head”

Photograph from BBC website, originally taken at Abbot Hall Art Gallery & the Lakeland Arts Trust Charlotte Turner Smith was born to a wealthy family in London in 1749, and she received a diverse education during her early years.  She … Continue reading

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