Notes on Romanticism

It is interesting to see how much the Romantic Era has its effect in the clothing of people. It was time of political, artistic, literary changes but it also bought significant changes to the Victorian fashion.

The French-revolution was epoch-making for Romanticism. Poets, like Wordsworth wrote during the early days of revolution. Many wrote about freedom, and about the aftermath of war.

It was significantly seen in the poets of Romanticism when The Revolution’s promise of freedom died in a spiral of oppression, destruction, violence, and imperialism. Many of the Romantic poets had to witness the horror that came with it and it reflected on their poetry one way or another.

Some of the poets like Wordsworth, Coleridge remained conservative till the end of their lives. But Barbauld remained politically on the left which left her disillusioned by the course the revolution had taken in France and how British failed to embrace the ideologies of freedom.

I was very intrigued to see Romantic art is an art inspired by or expressive of some ideas or some ethical temper supposed to be an essential in Christianity. And as the nature of the essentially Christian was variously conceived in romantic spirit as well.

It is interesting to see that the three Romanticism is quite different from the other. In the first and second there is common elements, but more still more oppositions. In the second and third there are common elements as well but likewise significant oppositions.


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