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On: The Byronic Hero

The Byronic Hero restless/moody prideful and alienated revenge and remorse secret, sinful past educated, sometimes noble by birth/intellectual pure love for “gentle” woman honor and courage dark, handsome, and mysterious individualism a physical marker/disability eloquence Thorslev’s Spectrum of the Byronic … Continue reading

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Percy Shelley

Alastor Poetic dispositions can be alienating from others because you are separated by thought and contemplation so much occurring within the mind, that there is no time or need for company in others Neo-Platonist – ideal forms exist elsewhere what … Continue reading

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Samuel Coleridge

Relationship with Robert Southey met in school and developed their ideas on pantisocracy had a falling out when they disagreed with the concept of their utopian society Relationship with Sara Fricker a lot of speculation on why they were married … Continue reading

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On: Don Juan

Don Juan In the dedication, Byron is incredibly critical of major, prominent poets Byron’s critiques on Wordsworth He’s doing this to make money off poetry Byron critiques his increasing conservatism these criques-specificially the one of money, is disgustingly hypocritical he … Continue reading

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William Wordsworth

Preface to the Lyrical Ballads explained what he and Coleridge were doing and defend their new methods which were largely different from the poetry of the time Wordsworth felt the modern poet needs to write for men Wordsworth defines the … Continue reading

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Charlotte Smith Notes

Uses imagination to contemplate history triggered by seeing ruins of things past   Ruins provide romantics opportunity the opportunity to launch into imaginative recreation of past events Reexamines happiness as the overcoming of adversity, working, endless pursuit of self-actualization Romantics … Continue reading

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Robert Burns Notes

Combination of dialect and standard English Oscillates between Ayrshire and standard within poems great fixation on sexuality and intimate relationships between men and women – the private sector pulled out into the public criticized for this focus on love affairs, … Continue reading

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