Dorothy Wordsworth

  1. Not marginalized by Wordsworth himself but was too shy
  2. Notice details that are often missed by other’s eye


  1. Takes time to write about the people who are normally avoided by others
  2. A certain privilege of writing about the disenfranchised – drawn to them, but you are not them
  3. No matter how much privilege one owns, everyone should keep one’s sympathy
  4. The flowers: they are ordinary but they are miracles as well
    1. A philosophical position, a effective emotion
    2. Brother sympathizing with Nature, she doesn’t forget the sympathy she needs to preserve for the people.
    3. The injustice that they confront – the damages of wars that  people overlook
    4. William and her become a team
  1. Sheepfold on a hill, sparkled the poem Michael for Wm. Wordsworth
    1. Personalizes the effect of the industrial revolution – you leave for city, what do you  leave behind? Being ashamed to go back?
    2. The daffodils, phrased as beautifully in the journal as in the poem
      1. Collaborators of the unknown and invisible, luckily we have Dorothy’s record
    3. Write as unconsciously as possible – writing not for an audience
    4. A symbiotic relationship between the sibling that exchanges happening in silence
    5. The composition of poems when walking
    6. Lying in the trentch – thinking about what each other is thinking
  1. A special creative partnership, a productive and beautiful
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