Criticisms on Romanticism

On the Discrimination of Romanticisms, Arthur O Lovejoy

  1. No essential definition of Romanticism
    1. Forces of Classicism and Nature fuse into Romanticism
      1. Classicism: after the Greek and Roman prototypes
      2. Romanticism: Local expression – but no, it is all Christianity
      3. Duality: Introspection, contemplation, the feul of Romantic Poetry
      4. Folklore is one branch of Romanticis, and the Christian tradition
    2. Many other forms of Romanticism
  2. Romanticism: Debate between the superiority of the Nature and the Art
    1. Nature is better than art, b/c art is man-made and artificial
      1. Nature = immortality
      2. Nature = alive, harmonious
      3. Taking away power from the religion and transmit that into the Nature
      4. Privileging Nature: Nature is the shrine, the manifestation of the Divine
      5. Human churches are constructed, including political institution that are feuled with religious beliefs
        1. Imperfect institutions, because they are made by human
          1. Freedom and Liberty that is yet to be manifested in humanity
    2. German Romanticism: Art is more privileged, because it brings order, coherence, and purpose to the Chaotic Nature
      1. Nature and human feeling has no connection to each other
      2. For human beings, the artificial is the natural, but not the Nature
    3. Wordsworth v.s. Coleridge
      1. Having opposite approaches to Romantic imagery
      2. C appreciates W, but W overlooks C’s achievement
      3. C stops writing poetry in his later life
      4. W: Nature’s Priest
    4. Romanticism morphed into many other different genres
      1. The rising of Modernism, modern man/woman, originally coming from Christianity?
      2. “The Christian and classic dualism” (18) – Antinomialism, duality
        1. The original sin, the tree of knowledge: What is right and wrong
          1. The propensity to break rules and to follow them
          2. All interpretation based on Christianity (German Romanticists)
            1. No work of art is ever complete, ever progressing
            2. No pure state of innocence nor experience
            3. Pursuit of Excellence, everything we do can be succeeded by our next creation
          3. The necessity of atheism: thrown out of Oxford
    5. Comparing Romantic Narrative to a Buddhist One
      1. Having the vision of a wheel
      2. Center in a still space, but moves the rest of the wheel
        1. The burden of existence, only can be resolved in giving up on the connections in existence
  1. How is Romanticism related to Enlightenment?
    1. Reasoning and Logic: instead of following the rational mainstream, unprove the superstition
    2. Descending spirit from the very beginning
      1. Universe Clock: works by itself
      2. Logic and Reason has an answer to everything – Englightenment, but not Romantics?
        1. Thomas Jefferson, Banjamin Franklin, Romanticists by heart
        2. Using Logic and Reason to convince the independence
        3. Freedom of thinking and speech: Country established under no religion
        4. “My faith could be challenged” the representation of my culture, though great, is it really beneficial? any of our work that may materially aid someone?
          1. Gothic concept (Providence?) does not point to a specific branch of religion
            1. Long established by John Milton in “On His Blindness
          2. Insights NOT provable by Logic or Reason, not even Science, no religion to that either
          3. They are attractive only because of their evoking, imaginative nature; Not everything can be explainable
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