On: Don Juan

Don Juan

In the dedication, Byron is incredibly critical of major, prominent poets
  • Byron’s critiques on Wordsworth
    • He’s doing this to make money off poetry
    • Byron critiques his increasing conservatism
      • these criques-specificially the one of money, is disgustingly hypocritical
        • he was born to a wealthy family and got a significant allowance
        • he didn’t have to make money off his poetry because he was already rich but certainly made money anyway
    • “bays”
      • noun- for the laurels they award to poets and military heroes to insult Southey
      • verb- hold back
        • obviously a stinging pun
    • Southey- dullness of thought, doesn’t draw you in with imagery or ideas
Canto I
  • “I want a hero: an uncommon want,/ When every year and month sends forth a new one,”
    • Declares the desire for a hero, commanding the narrative tale
      • criticizes the ease at which heroes are named, especially in power and leaders
      • looks for his hero in a pantomime (okay Mr. Edgelord)
        • talking of an anti-hero
        • Don Juan is a passive character, preyed upon by the women- satirical subversion of the thought of a hero
  • “Most epic poets…” Line 41
    • another authoritarial decision
      • he will not start in media res but will begin in the beginning
      • this style is often associated with postmodernist writing- trying to distance the reader from relating with the characters
      • harking back to the 18th century neo classism that calls for a more intellectual way of engaging with texts
  • “His mother…” Line 81
    • heavily praised to the point of sarcasm
      • undercutting her talents
      • makes her into a caricature
      • he reallllllly hates her lmao
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