Notes on William Wordsworth

“Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey”

  • contextualization in the first stanza, remembers when he was was here before
    • in this remembering, meditates on the stillness, the nature, etc. as opposed to the “din” of the cities
    • later find out he was with his sister Dorothy
      • sees himself in her, the love (the immediacy/closeness to) of nature
  • landscape/environment as soul
    • sublimity, the soul as nature
  • an absence of time, pulling instances that happened far apart together
    • transcendence from the temporal/physical
  • 28 when he wrote this
    • discusses his growth as a person and a poet (quite a bit of Wordsworth revolves around this idea)
  • lyric poem
    • holds iambic pentameter
    • private voice, conversation with the self
    • long sentences with parenthetical phrases, keeps coming back to itself
  • 4th stanza simultaneously within the past, present, and future
    • past as present as future
    • suggests a personal, intellectual growth that can appreciate all of this simultaneously
  • importance of the senses
  • “thoughtless youth”
    • loss (?) of unthinking joy in nature
    • the thinking can imply a doubt
  • “still sad music of humanity”
    • goes back to “what man has made of man”
      • what humans have done to each other (Industrial Revolution)
    • empathy, language of the common people
  • prayer
    • away from organized religion, puts prayer/religion into nature
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