Notes on William Wordsworth

“Lines Written in Early Spring”

Use of familiar/common language (no large, complicated words); Prosaic; Observation of nature’s blends and tangles; Observation of how man is set apart from the simple pleasure of nature – disruption in human spirit, despite being united to nature; Nature alone cannot save man – “What man had made of man”; Men deny each other the pleasures that exist in nature, subject each other to horrors (war, famine, industrialization, slavery); Men deny each other pleasure and peace; Nature should be enough for man to be joyful and satisfied (not seeking things via slavery, industry, exploitation); Illusions and themes of common person

“I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”

Emphasis on memory and the inward eye; Ability of past scenes to invigorate the present self when distant; Poetry as an imaginative experience, not a literal or lived one


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