On Agency and Illumination: Class Discussion on March 1st

  1. Nature was the manifestation of the divine
    1. Human agency vs. organic and natural
    2. Agency from God to nature
      1. Dual nature
      2. Antinomian- 1 :  one who holds that under the gospel dispensation of grace (see grace 1a) the moral law is of no use or obligation because faith alone is necessary to salvation. 2 : one who rejects a socially established morality.
        1. The tree of knowledge, the original sin
        2. Right and wrong- warring natures within you
          1. Propensity to break rules
          2. This desire to be good/overcome evil
            1. Specific to Judeo-Christian contexts
        3. Ideal of endless progress
          1. Pursuit of excellence
          2. Schlegel bros., Goethe etc. other German romanticism writers define romanticism with this in mind
          3. State of harmony with nature, “nature’s priest”
  2. Re-Cap
    1. Man v. Nature
    2. Nature v. Art
    3. Multiple kinds of romanticism
  3. Back to Romanticism and Enlightenment
    1. Arbitur of own destiny
      1. Logic and reason says not do anything to harm other people
      2. Abbreviate freedom if you want everyone else to be free  
      3. The romantic movement had insights that were not provable by logic or reason
        1. Moments of illumination
        2. Compelling and imaginative
          1. Dream truly enough, it will become true
          2. No logic, reason, or really any religion
          3. There is not only one way to explain truth
            1. Not everything is explainable
            2. But you can bring into existence phenomenon that have never existed before
              1. Through the imagination
              2. “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty. That is all I know.”- Keats
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