Notes on Charlotte Smith’s “Beachy Head”

  1. “Beachy Head”
    1. Begins and takes the traditional Romantic road of following train of thought
      1. Geological exploration- the stretch of human curiosity versus the inconsequentiality of human life in the grand schema of the universe
      2. Reflective poetry as internal poetry/conversation with the self is constant throughout this poem
        1. “Poetry of remembering”
        2. “Poetry of resurrecting”
      3. Fragmentary/Non linear narration
        1. Neoclassical poetry and classical poetry= cohesiveness, chronology, progress and control
          1. Integrity of both time and space
            1. This poem has no integrity of time or space
            2. She free herself from these structures/the control of reality
            3. “Collection of a pieces… Past history, landscape, sea…”
              1. This is the “romantic move”
              2. Breaking away from the ideas of an integrated space/integrated time
              3. “Durational time”
          2. Romantic Movement as an intentional movement
            1. Romantic contribution to art and aestheticism
      4. Charlotte Smith and Memory
        1. Controlling and structuring memory (classical and neoclassical poetry) vs. memory growing organically
        2. “A poem, an individual, is nothing without memory”
          1. A remembrance within that you cannot refract, but that you should let flow out
          2. “Negative capability”- getting to the truth of the experience  



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