I found this interesting tidbit about Christobel on

“Christabel and the Ancient Mariner would never have
been written if chance or some diviner providence had not
decreed that for one short year (June 1797 June 1798)
William and Dorothy Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor
Coleridge should be neighbours and almost daily com-
panions. Wordsworth and his sister lived at Alfoxden, a
small country seat or place some three miles distant from
Coleridge’s cottage at Nether Stowey, a market village
which lies at the foot of the Quantocks, and the three
friends were oftener together than apart. It is not too
much to say that those two great poems, which are,
perhaps, the most original poems in the English language,
owed their very existence to this intimate companion-
ship. They were the response of genius to genius the
first fruits of the enabling grace of sympathy.”

It was good to read the poem, even though it was not finished.  I would have liked to see the end of it, although that does leave room for a poet to try finishing it.  Perhaps there should be some kind of challenge between poets to see who can come up with the most compelling story.

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